Jimmy Fallon Makes Surprise Appearance at Fairport Bar for Saint Patrick's Day

Talk show host Jimmy Fallon surprised bar patrons in the Rochester area of upstate New York on Friday, March 17, to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

Fallon performed with Celtic rock band 1916 at the Iron Smoke Distillery in Fairport, a suburb of Rochester, on Friday night.

Footage filmed by the band’s videographer shows the tv personality playing guitar with the band members and singing to the crowd.

Local media reported the TV host also visited other bars in the area on Friday. Credit: Brittiny Warner via Storyful

Video transcript

[JIMMY FALLON, "GLORIA"] I'll tell you about my baby. Well, you know she comes around. She's five feet, four. From her head to the ground. Come to my road. Just about midnight. She makes me feel so good, Lord. Make me feel all right.

[JIMMY FALLON, "KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF"] Always no hug-ee no kiss-ee until I get a wedding ring. My honey my baby, don't put my love upon no shelf. She don't hand me no lines, and keep your hands to yourself.

[JIMMY FALLON, "GLORIA"] --feel all right. And her name is G-L-O-R-I-- G-L-O-R-I-A Gloria. G-L-O-R-I-A Gloria. I'm gonna shout it all night.