Jimmy Fallon Says the Temperature in NY Is So Low ‘It Just Hit Eric Adams’ Approval Ratings’ | Video

Jimmy Fallon started off “The Tonight Show” Wednesday night with an oldie but a goodie: a series of rapid-fire “how cold is it” jokes.

“The temperature is so low in New York it just hit Eric Adams’ approval ratings,” the NBC host said.

Fallon then went on to say that it was “so cold” that “people are suing McDonald’s if the coffee doesn’t burn their crotch,” “Ron DeSantis switched from high heels to ice skates” and that “Jeremy Allen White put on two pairs of underwear.”

Following Monday night’s storm, New York has faced freezing temperatures all week. Though New York City public schools remained open, several schools in New Jersey experienced delayed openings.

Though Fallon’s opening monologue started with a comedy classic, as he continued “The Tonight Show” it veered into the meta, mocking the established rhythms of late night shows.

After talking about the Iowa caucus, Fallon said, “I can’t believe the primaries are already underway. It’s crazy.”

The camera then cut to The Roots’ MC, Black Thought. “I know. And then after New Hampshire it’s Nevada, South Carolina and then soon it will be Super Tuesday and Trump will probably be the official nominee.”

“It’s nuts,” drummer Quest Love chimed in. “I mean, another Trump Biden mashup? Seriously? I don’t think anyone can stomach that. It’s too much.”

“Suddenly, the camera landed on Mark and he froze,” Fallon said in a voiceover, narrating what was happening to Roots bass player Mark Kelley. “Mark hadn’t been following the election news like everyone else. He’d been too busy taking gummies and watching episodes of ‘Bluey.'”

Fallon continued to build up the bit, narrating Kelley’s inner anxiety and the pressure to say something funny and intelligent in front of his friends. It all culminated in a single one-liner from Kelley.

“Those two guys suck more than the bathtub scene in ‘Saltburn,'” Kelley said.

The joke was met with a specialized graphic that read “Mark nailed it!” and a chorus of Tina Turner’s “The Best.” Watch the full triumph above.

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