Jimmy Fallon Slyly Burns Supreme Court For Accepting Trump Immunity Case

Jimmy Fallon on Thursday jabbed at the U.S. Supreme Court for taking on Donald Trump’s immunity claim for one of his upcoming trials. (Watch the video below.)

The high court decided to rule on Trump’s assertion that, as president, he was exempt from prosecution for his actions around the Jan. 6, 2021, insurrection. The court set arguments for late April, delaying the federal trial until at least summer.

“Some people are blaming the Supreme Court for dragging it out on purpose to help Trump,” the “Tonight Show” host said.

Then, Fallon imagined how the justices would respond. The speed of the reactions suspiciously corresponded to whether the judge was considered liberal or conservative.

According to Fallon, Obama-nominated Justice Elena Kagan said, “We should be acting faster to move this along.”

On the other end, Trump-nominated Neil Gorsuch said, “We... are ... going ... as ... fast .. as ... we c .... a.... n.”

Check out the rest of the bit at 2:05:

If Trump can run out the clock on his federal trials until he possibly regains the presidency in November, he could conceivably order the Department of Justice to dismiss them or try to pardon himself.