Jimmy Fallon Has Theories About What Travis Kelce Yelled at Super Bowl: ‘This Is Not How Biden Scripted It!’ | Video

Jimmy Fallon took his time during Monday night’s “The Tonight Show” monologue to talk about the Super Bowl. And while musing over the spectacle, he offered up some amusing theories about just what Travis Kelce was yelling at his coach.

In case you forgot, during the game, Kelce — tight end for the championship Kansas City Chiefs and Taylor Swift’s current boyfriend — was filmed screaming at Chiefs coach Andy Reid.

Video didn’t record whatever it was Kelce was mad about, and both Kelce and Reid have since downplayed it as a minor heat-of-the-moment thing on the way to the team’s second Super Bowl win in 2 years and third since 2020. But everyone has theories. Including, as we said Fallon. Now, on to the monologue.

“Congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs on winning Super Bowl 51,” Fallon said as he kicked off his monologue, noting that it was only the second time a Super Bowl has ever gone into overtime.

“Last night’s game was over four hours long. Fans were like, ‘who directed this, Martin Scorsese?'” Fallon joked. “But the end of overtime both teams were exhausted, while everyone at home was like, ‘hey, we’re the ones who gotta get up for work tomorrow. You guys… guys go on vacation.”

“The game was so long that people were drunk in the first quarter and hungover by the trophy presentation,” he added.

Fallon then made his first reference to Kelce’s scream, joking that “it was a tough day for everyone who partied last night. You know you’re hungover when someone whispers to you and it feels like this,” referring to a photo of Kelce screaming.

Fallon did a few more jokes about the game, including one about the Usher’s performance during halftime show. “At one point he took his shirt off. That was fun seeing washboard abs after I just inhaled my eleventh pig in a blanket,” Fallon said.

Shortly after, he noted how one of the commercials featured an announcement by Beyonce that she’s working on a country album. “Basically, she told Taylor Swift, ‘I’ll see your Grammys announcement and raise you the Super Bowl.”

“Yeah, a country-themed album from Beyonce. Right now every country artist is like, ‘greeeat,'” he added. Then he got to his Travis Kelce Theories.

“Well everyone’s talking about the moment in the game where Travis Kelce got angry with Coach Andy Reid. No one knows why exactly Kelsey was yelling or what he was yelling, but here are some theories about what he might be saying,” Fallon said.

His theories were:

“What the hell is Temu?”

“Don’t you get it? It’s Super Bowl 58. Five plus eight equals 13,” which if course is a reference to the elaborate numerical coincidences Taylor Swift fans identified..

“This is not how Biden scripted it!” which of course is a reference to the insane right wing conspiracy theories about this year’s Super Bowl.

Watch the whole monologue above.

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