Jimmy Kimmel Brutally Shades Eric Trump In The Most Golden Way Possible

Jimmy Kimmel spotted an unusual Mother’s Day gift option courtesy of Melania Trump, wife of Donald Trump: a necklace she’s selling online for $249.

“It’s in the form of a three-leaf clover, because when you are Donald Trump’s wife you don’t believe in luck anymore,” he said.

The trinket has the former first lady’s signature on the back, which Kimmel noted is “alarmingly similar” to the jagged signature of her husband.

“They both look like the printout of an EKG of someone having a heart attack,” he said.

Then, Kimmel introduced another option: golden jewelry supposedly from Melania Trump with a Mother’s Day collection themed to what she’s “most proud of.”

It’s the “Eric is not my fucking son” collection.

Check it out below: