Jimmy Kimmel Calls Giuliani’s Birthday Party Court Summons Only His ‘2nd-Most-Embarrasing’ Moment | Video

Jimmy Kimmel, back from a week off, was very amused on Monday night’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” by the news that Rudy Giuliani was served with Arizona indictment papers during his birthday party in Florida over the weekend.

But even though it happened after he had mocked Arizona authorities, it was still only “the second most embarrassing thing that ever happened to Rudy Giuliani.”

Read on to find out what the first thing was, or watch Kimmel’s monologue above. And for those who need a quick catch-up, Giuliani was indicted in April over his efforts to fraudulently overturn the 2020 presidential vote in the state of Arizona, and has been hiding ever since to keep from being served.

For some reason, over the weekend he tweeted out a photo from his birthday party in Palm Beach, Florida, taunting Arizona authorities for, so far as he know, not being able to find him. He also publicly live-streamed his birthday celebration, which allowed Arizona authorities to locate him. Whoops.

“MAGA OG Rudy Giuliani, who celebrated his 80th birthday over the weekend, He had a party in Palm Beach where guests serenaded him with what might be the most off-key version of “Happy Birthday” ever recorded,” Kimmel said during his monologue, at which point he played video of that badly sung version of the song.

“And he died. Yes — no,” Kimmel quipped.

“So this is where it gets funny. Rudy, as you may know, has been charged with making false claims of voter fraud in Arizona after the election in 2020, and I guess he was feeling a little bit feisty because he posted, ‘If Arizona authorities can’t find me by tomorrow morning; 1. They must dismiss the indictment,'” Kimmel continued.

“So then two agents, they look at the video, they figure out where the party is, they show up and they serve him the papers. ‘Happy birthday dummy!’ Kimmel quipped.

“The attorney general from Arizona had been trying to track him down for weeks. This has to be the second-most embarrassing thing that ever happened to Rudy Giuliani. The first, of course, being the time he accidentally held a press conference outside a dildo store,” Kimmel added.

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