Jimmy Kimmel Fires Back At Marjorie Taylor Greene’s Demand In Best Possible Way

Conspiracy theorist Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) once reported Jimmy Kimmel to the police over a joke he made on TV. Now, she wants to be on Kimmel’s show, publicly asking for a guest slot so she can plug her new book.

And Kimmel isn’t having it.

“I guess I’m a Hollywood libtard that’s part of the celebrity pedophile Satan club ― until she has a book to promote,” Kimmel said on Monday night. “Then I’d love to swing by.’”

Kimmel also joked about a plan to mess with the far-right lawmaker, who last year spoke at a white-nationalist event.

“Part of me wants to invite her here so I can let her wait for an hour down in the green room doing power squats and then bump her,” he said. “Even just to screw with Matt Damon, it would be fun, but I also don’t want rabies.”

A long-running gag on the show involves Damon waiting in the green room for a chance to appear, only to be bumped at the last minute.

See more in his Monday night monologue: