Jimmy Kimmel jokes he’s hiring Giuliani to sue Haley for stealing his ‘Mean Tweets’ segment

Jimmy Kimmel had a thing or two to say to Republican candidate Nikki Haley after she uploaded a video that looked very similar to the host’s own show segment ‘Mean Tweets.’

Ms Haley’s parody video of ‘Mean Tweets’ had her reading critical online comments about herself on Thursday, which even included an almost identical title sequence to Kimmel’s bit, only it said ‘Nikki Haley Live!” instead of the host’s name.

The late-night show host woke up to a text asking if they had “Haley” on the show recently.

“It took me a while to figure out what ‘Haley,’” Kimmel pondered. “Like Haylie, who, Duff? Haley Joel Osment?”

Kimmel had a surprise waiting for him when he went online and found that Ms Haley, “who is running for - her life right now - co-opted one of our bits,” he said, slightly vexed.

“She used our bit. Our title. Our logo Our graphics. She called it Nikki Haley Live,” he listed. “And worst of all, she added the fakest fake laugh track that maybe I’ve ever heard.”

She posted the clip on X in an attempt to “have a good laugh” at the trolls, saying, “There are always going to be haters and doubters, but that means we’re doing something right.”

In one clip from Ms Haley’s take on ‘Mean Tweets’, she read out a post from her Republican election rival, Donald Trump, and reacted to his comments over losing to Joe Biden in 2020 and her stance on border laws.

Ms Haley also listed off other hate comments she  has received online, such as “Everybody hates you” and that she has a “room temperature IQ.”

“Ah, she is a natural; the woman knows her way around a joke, you have to give her that,” he joked sarcastically.

Ms Haley had an embarrassing upset on Tuesday when she finished second behind “none of these candidates” in the Nevada primary, only receiving around half the votes that the “none” obtained.

The late show host joked he would hire Rudy Giuliani to sue Haley (Jimmy Kimmel Live)
The late show host joked he would hire Rudy Giuliani to sue Haley (Jimmy Kimmel Live)

“How would you like it if I launched a disastrous campaign for president?” Kimmel said staring directly into the camera lens.

“This is why you lost Nevada to ‘none of the above’.

“If you’re going to steal our bits, at least eat all of Eric Trump’s Halloween candy and see what kind of tantrum he throws.”

Kimmel ended his personal notes to Ms Haley, wishing her a lot of luck because his lawyer would be in contact very soon – “one Rudolph Giuliani” he joked.

“Wouldn’t it be fun if I hired him,” he laughed, referring to Mr Trump’s disgraced former attorney.