Jimmy Kimmel Knows Why Trump Is Scared of Going to Jail | Video

During his monologue on Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel poked holes in the idea that Donald Trump actually hopes he gets sent to jail for political benefit. “Nobody wants to go to jail – because it’s jail,” Kimmel said.

Even so, Kimmel compared prison jumpsuits to the general aesthetic of McDonald’s restaurants, joking that “Trump might actually feel at home” as a result.

You can watch the whole monologue above.

Kimmel got to this topic after a lengthy period talking about the testimony in Trump’s New York criminal trial over the hush money payments he made to Stormy Daniels. This allowed him to talk about how Trump keeps basically violating the gag order Judge Juan Merchan has imposed.

“You know, earlier this week, the Judge warned Trump that if he violates the gag order again, which would be the 11th violation, he could get jail time,” Kimmel said when he reached this point.

“And while in some ways, I think Trump would like to go to jail and become the farters martyr. Nobody wants to go to jail. Because it’s jail,” Kimmel said. “He’d be held in a standard, 9 x 13 cell, 117 square feet, which Trump describes as 5,000 square feet with a balcony.”

“And New York Mayor Eric Adams said Rikers Island is ready for Trump now if he is imprisoned for contempt,” Kimmel continued. “Which what? I mean what does that mean? The ketchup bottles are bolted to the tables? What do they mean by ‘the island is ready?’ It’s like they’re preparing to imprison King Kong or something?”

But, Kimmel added, “Trump might actually feel at home in Rikers. Their prison jumpsuits are white with reddish-orange stripes. Not unlike his favorite restaurateur. He’ll be making toilet McFlurries in no time.”

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