Jimmy Kimmel Refutes Claim Joe Biden Froze on Stage : ‘I Was Standing Right Next to Him’ | Video

Over the weekend, a reporter posted video, taken at a Democratic fundraiser, of Joe Biden and suggested the video showed him freezing up on stage and having to be led off by Barack Obama. The video was then widely shared by various right wing groups as apparent proof Biden is on a serious age-related decline.

Since then the White House has denied that the President froze on stage, and on Monday night the denial was backed up by an eye witness: Jimmy Kimmel, who hosted the fundraiser. And after refuting the story, Kimmel rebutted it further with video of Donald Trump that looked even worse.

“You know there’s a clip of Joe Biden going around today. They say he froze, and had to be escorted off stage on Saturday night,” Kimmel said during his monologue. “I was standing right next to him when it happened. He didn’t freeze, he was listening to the people calling him in the front row.”

“But the right-wing media, while working very hard to claim Biden’s out of it, somehow seems to completely miss moments like this,” Kimmel continued. At this point he played a recent clip in which Trump got the name of his White House doctor, now a congressman from Texas, wrong.

“Yeah, his name’s Ronny Jackson, it’s not Ronny Johnson. It’s Jackson,” Kimmel said. “If that was another cognitive test – you failed it. Okay?”

Kimmel then played some more footage of Trump giving rambling remarks in which he claimed “they” don’t want people to have “any water” whatsoever in dishwashers and then rambling about water pressure.

“Not only is this nonsense, when do you think was the last time Trump loaded a dishwasher?” Kimmel asked. “Maybe…never?”

“I hope he has good water pressure in the showers at Rikers Island, because he is not going to like that! It’s, I mean it is an island! They’re surrounded by water,” Kimmel added.

Watch the full monologue above now.

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