Jimmy Kimmel Turns 1 Of Trump’s Biggest Insults Against Him After Bizarre Court Moment

Jimmy Kimmel turned one of Donald Trump’s most frequent attacks on President Joe Biden against him on Monday after several observers said the former president fell asleep in court during the first day of his criminal trial.

“If Biden is ‘Sleepy Joe,’ I guess that makes you Doze-O the Clown,” Kimmel said.

Trump has often referred to Biden as “Sleepy Joe,” and his right-wing media allies, such as Sean Hannity, have repeated the attack.

“Imagine if Joe Biden fell asleep in the court on the first day of his trial,” Kimmel said. “Trump would calling him ‘Comatose Joe,’ Fox News would be talking about this until Christmas, but not old Donny Nappleseed.”

Kimmel did spot an upside.

“It’s nice to see even Donald Trump is exhausted by Donald Trump,” he pointed out.

See more in his Monday night monologue: