JJ Lin responds to threat by Jay Chou ‘fan’ to 'blind him' with laser pointer

Photos from the Singapore singer's concert in Shanghai seemed to show his eye looking red.

JJ Lin (left) and Jay Chou (right) are known to be on pretty good terms, but what about their fans? (Photo: Instagram/jaychou)
JJ Lin (left) and Jay Chou (right) are known to be on pretty good terms, but what about their fans? (Photo: Instagram/jaychou)

Is a rivalry brewing between Jay Chou fans and JJ Lin fans? Or is there someone trying to sow discord between both groups?

Well, no one knows for sure, but Taiwanese media reported that during JJ Lin’s concert in Shanghai on 19 Aug, audience member(s) seemingly flashed a laser pointer right in the local singer’s eye.

According to the report, concertgoers saw a light spot appear on Lin’s eye occasionally and in some photos, his eye looked red.

After the incident, a screenshot circulated on Weibo showing messages from what seems to be a group chat for Jay Chou fans where someone made clear their intention to flash a laser pointer from the front row of a concert and hopefully “blind” him.

Though the target wasn’t identified in the initial message, the reply read, “As long as you hate JJ Lin, we’re good friends.”

And, the singer himself has probably caught wind of what was going. It was reported that he apparently addressed the situation during a talking segment of his concert in Shanghai on 20 Aug.

He said, “The friends who threatened to hurt me, the one thing you don’t understand is that despite the challenges, despite the difficulties, I’ll only be less fearful and stronger. These experiences make me more appreciative and grateful for everything life has given me, good or bad.

“Because, I feel that happiness is a choice; every one of us has the right to choose.”

It still remains to be seen if a fan of Chou is indeed responsible for this, but there isn’t any bad blood between the singers themselves.

Not only are they both friends but they seem pretty close as well, with Chou being invited to Lin’s big 40th birthday bash in 2021.

He also made a surprise appearance at Lin’s Taipei concert in 2022.

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