'Lone wolf' Joanne Peh on juggling acting with her social life

The Singapore actress talked about having few friends and not a lot of time for her social life

A picture of Singaporean celebrity Joanne Peh
Joanne Peh says she’s always been a ‘lone wolf’. Source: Instagram/joannepeh

No man is an island, but local actress Joanne Peh seems to be doing just fine on her own.

Speaking to 8world recently for her drama series Shero, the 40-year-old admitted to being a ‘lone wolf’ her whole life.

Peh attended Temasek Secondary School where she was head prefect and she explained that the appointment came with “many responsibilities” which meant that she rarely hung out with the other students.

“Then I entered Victoria Junior College - I didn’t choose the same JC as most of the other students - so I had to get acquainted with my new classmates.”

She made friends with some of her female classmates then. Peh said, “Two of them were sporty, like me… I got along really well with another female student because we lived close to each other.”

However, her life got busier when she entered Nanyang Technological University as it was also the same time she made her showbiz debut.

Her debut drama with Mediacorp was 2002’s Beautiful Connection, where she coincidentally acted alongside husband Qi Yuwu.

When Peh wasn’t studying or attending classes, she was acting and that didn’t leave her with a lot of time to socialise or mingle with her classmates.

It’s unclear whether Peh maintained the friendships made during her junior college years.

Even though she is in showbiz full-time, Peh doesn’t have any close friends in the industry. She told 8world, “I need time to get into character so I rarely talk to others on set.”

On being a ‘lone wolf’, she shared, “Apart from being very independent, perhaps my way of thinking is very different from others most of the time, so I don’t have a really close friend.”

When asked whether she faced social rejection because of her personality, Peh replied, “Even if there was, I don’t feel it. I’m not very sensitive towards something like this to begin with and I wasn’t bullied [for it].”

Shero airs on weekdays at 9pm on Channel 8.

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