Jobless Yuki Hsu considered suicide

Wessley Clinton Danker
Jobless Yuki Hsu considered suicide

29 Jul – Taiwanese singer Yuki Hsu revealed recently that she's deep in debt at a press conference, after a chain of contractual disagreements with her management company, which left her jobless for two years, according to reports by Channel News Asia.

The singer, 33, was accompanied by her mother and said that she had been under immense stress and even had thoughts of committing suicide.

She also expressed that she hope that all of her problems can be settled amicably.

The courts upheld the ruling for Hsu to pay damages during the first round of appeals.

Hsu is currently appealing against the judge again.

"I hope for a peaceful settlement, but I am really unable to satisfy their demands for monetary compensation.

The singer insisted that she did not simply vanish from showbiz as media reports claimed, but her management company had been denying all her work opportunities for the past two years, leaving her with no income at all.

Her lawyer also pointed out that she had previously taken all necessary steps to end her contract with her management firm and did not breach her contract.