Jodie Comer explains how she got into the motherhood mentality for her new film

Jodie Comer has revealed she had to live her life with a weighted baby in preparation for her new film which explores motherhood amid a climate crisis.

The End We Start From sees the Killing Eve actress play a woman who tries to find her way home with her newborn while an environmental crisis submerges London in floodwaters.

Directed by Mahalia Belo, the film was adapted by Alice Birch based on Megan Hunter’s book of the same name.

Discussing how she prepared for the role on The One Show on Thursday, Comer said: “I was very fortunate that the production provide you with a lot of resources so I spoke to a lot of midwives, watched a lot of birthing videos.

“Mahalia Belo, our wonderful director, she’d given me a doll to take home, which was weighted like a real baby, and she was like ‘I want you to load the dishwasher. I want you to make a cup of tea. I want you to do all these things and just get used to the fact that you are constantly attached to this being.'”

She also said that her friend had a baby right before they started filming which she said was “so beautiful” to witness.

The actress said she could also ask her friend “the real personal questions” to get into the mentality of a new mother.

However, she admitted she told them she was “absolutely not” prepared to babysit.

The film also features Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch, Steve Jobs actress Katherine Waterston and The King’s Man actor Mark Strong.

During the film, Comer acts with a host of babies and also wore prosthetics to give the appearance of a baby bump.

Earlier this week she shared a series of photos to Instagram from her filming days which showcased various angles of her realistic bump.

The End We Start From will be released in cinemas on January 19.