Joe Scarborough Says Donald Trump Wants To Be Handcuffed For 1 Reason Only

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough slammed former President Donald Trump for fundraising off his potential arrest.

It was all a “grift,” said Scarborough, the “Morning Joe” co-host who used to be a GOP member of Congress.

Trump’s campaign hauled in $1.5 million in donations after he claimed over the weekend he’d be arrested Tuesday in the Manhattan district attorney’s probe of hush money paid to porn actor Stormy Daniels.

Tuesday came and went, though, and Trump remained uncharged.

“What do you make of this grifting thing, where Donald Trump — he knew he wasn’t going to be charged Tuesday — but he went ahead and did it as a fundraising grift?” Scarborough asked on Thursday’s “Morning Joe.”

Trump “wants to be handcuffed because that means more money,” Scarborough added, referencing a report that Trump was actually relishing the media circus surrounding his legal situation.

“It’s always a grift,” Scarborough said later, before impersonating Trump: “Oh, they’re about to arrest me. Send me money. They’re about to put me in handcuffs. Send me money.”