Joe Scarborough Unleashes Minutelong Tirade Over Biden-Trump Poll Result

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough had a lot to say after a new Wall Street Journal poll showed former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden tied in a potential rematch for the White House in 2024.

In a poll matchup excluding other candidates, Trump and Biden were tied with 46% each, with the remaining 8% of respondents undecided.

“You’ve got 46% of Americans supporting a guy who’s been indicted four times,” Scarborough said on Tuesday’s “Morning Joe” of the current Republican front-runner.

“Indicted for stealing nuclear secrets. Indicted for stealing war plans. Called a rapist by a New York judge, saying that what he did was was was akin to rape,” the host continued, rattling off some of Trump’s alleged offenses. “You’ve got a guy that’s being charged for his illegal payoffs to porn stars. I mean, we could go down the list.”

Scarborough proceeded to do so, listing the former president’s misdeeds in a rant lasting over a minute.

“A guy who started a riot on January the 6th, an insurrection. Had ’fake electors,′ had this fraudulent scheme to steal votes from millions and millions of Americans in seven swing states,” he continued. “I mean, I could go on: Called the Republican secretary of state in Georgia and said, steal enough votes for me, find enough votes so I can steal Georgia.”

“Forty-six percent of Americans are voting for the guy who said he would terminate the Constitution to get back into power,” Scarborough concluded.

His guest, Washington Post commentator Eugene Robinson, said the numbers were “unbelievable.”

He said the poll should indicate to Democrats that “this is going to be a close election. They can’t take anything for granted.”

“And they better get cracking now because there’s a real risk,” Robinson added. “And I can’t believe I’m saying this: There’s a risk that Donald Trump could return to the White House.”

Watch their analysis below on MSNBC.