2023 Chinese horoscope: 12 animals forecast for the year of the Water Rabbit by Joey Yap

What's in store for you according to your Chinese zodiac for 2023?

A rabbit and Chinese lanterns
According to the Chinese calendar, 2023 will be the year of the Water Rabbit. (Photos: Getty Images)

By: Dato’ Joey Yap

Come 2023, the Lunar New Year falls on 22 January; the Year of The Water Rabbit. A transition from one year to the next, this act holds so much more significance than just a cut-off-point in the calendar. For one, it is an indication of how the changes in annual energy is able to create new influence on one’s luck.

With a new year, there are new resolutions, new action plans, new opportunities and new challenges. However, it is up to us, to make breakthroughs and achieve goals.

The saying is "luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity". Thus, what better way than to prepare accordingly and take control of our own destinies?

Here is the forecast for the 12 animal signs of the new year:

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All eyes are on Rabbits in 2023. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


In 2023, Rabbits hold the place of the Grand Duke. All eyes would be on you; every word or action. Should you want to increase your likeability and network with the right people, this is the time to do it.

Use the energies of this year to grow your business, enhance your career and build your social media following.

Besides that, this animal sign would also be able to experience good fortune from personal endeavours. Enjoy them, and note that noble people are ever ready to assist you to greatness, if you find yourself needing it.

For Rabbits who are still single, your chances to meet someone at social gatherings are high. However, there’s a catch; said romance may not last as long as you’d like it to. Nevertheless, stay optimistic and don’t be too quick to dive into it.

Be sure to keep tabs on your health and do not get into any activity which may result in an injury.

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In love, Dragons may want to hit the brakes a tad in 2023. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


Dragons, the lot of you would enjoy career progression, social networking and financial gains. New opportunities in career or business would come knocking.

However, be cautious when you’re making investment deals and when you spend. Overspending could be a hurdle you’d have to handle in the upcoming year. Help those in need always, and watch abundance as well as generosity flow your way. What goes around, comes around.

Besides that, expect travel this year, especially if it is to expand your career or business. There could be high chances of switching up jobs, so probably an exciting year.

On the front of love though, you may want to hit the brakes a tad, and set your focus on the other aspects of life. 2023 isn’t a great year to look for someone special.

Instead, look after your health, burnout from overworking appears to be likely.

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Snakes looking for love may be in for a surprise in 2023. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


For this animal sign, 2023 is your chance to travel or go abroad for career and educational purposes. There would also be business opportunities to make some money on an international scale.

Keep your eyes peeled for those around you, as helpful people and mentors would provide support in anything you want to achieve.

When at work, be sure to practice proactivity, and you shall be seen. If you’re on the search for love, then the first step would be to go out there and mingle, for life may surprise you.

Healthwise, attend check ups and be on the lookout physically. High-risk sports could come with high risks; thus, it’d be best to keep away from outdoor activities, temporarily at least.

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The Horse's Peach Blossom Luck looks great for 2023. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


As horses gallop into the new year, help from women would be conspicuous. Noble people (female) would offer you support, strength and courage to gain wealth. All you would need to do is to move forward and obtain everything you’ve ever wanted.

Putting in the elbow grease with your career would enable you to reap the rewards as they come. Business owners born in the year of this animal sign, be open minded to new innovative ideas. This would usher in a refreshing look and feel to your business.

Should you be single and looking to build a long-term relationship, 2023 is your year. Peach Blossom Luck looks great, so for those who are married, siphon off the energies of this star to strengthen the bond with your spouse and build some happy memories.

Health also looks so much better in the new year, but should you feel under the weather, do go in for a quick check-up. “Better safe than sorry”, after all.

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For Goats, 2023 will be about good, healthy relationships. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


For Goats, 2023 comes with the possibility of gaining good fortune and profits.

Clarity shall befall you, and this would enhance your problem-solving skills especially in areas of finance, relationship and health. Should you be under management, then there is a chance you get noticed for all the good work you have been doing, and gain that advance in career you have been anticipating.

Besides that, take heart in knowing that this year would be about good, healthy relationships with loved ones. Do not spend too much time trying to please others, for most times, there is nothing to be had from this.

On the front of health, overworking and stress might be your downfall, so pace yourself and exercise proper work-life balance.

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For love, lady luck seems to be shining bright upon Monkeys in 2023. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


Monkeys, be ready to swing up and about, for there would be plenty of opportunities to forge new relationships, as well as gain help and support from people around you. Count on your ability to dissolve problems and watch as you turn negatives into positives.

You could find yourself stuck in a job with no prospects for a promotion or career growth. However, stay humble, work smart and be patient with all you meet.

For love, lady luck seems to be shining bright upon this animal sign. You may meet someone special by accident, but keep in mind to take things slow. Do not rush anything, or you might frighten this person away.

With health, minor illnesses like a cold are likely, just be sure to practise a balanced diet and have plenty of rest, that ought to do the trick.

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2023 will be a mediocre time for Roosters in love. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


Roosters, 2023 could be rather challenging in terms of wealth. It may be harder to capitalise and make money simply by relying on talents and capabilities alone. But this in no way means that it’s the end of the road. There will always be places to seek out opportunities. You just have to know where to look and go out there looking for it.

If you’re thinking about changing jobs as the new year approaches, timing is favourable, and you may just get an opportunity right in your ballpark. However, be sure to vet through the companies which pique your interest.

With love, it’s a mediocre time. There could be a person who isn’t quite as committed as you’d like them to be, so lay low and don’t get your hopes up.

In the upcoming months, you may also fall sick due to changes in the weather – beware.

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Love, support, and connection will be coming a Dog's way in 2023 from those in power and authority. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


Dogs can expect a barking good year this 2023 as help be so ever-readily offered from both helpful people and mentors.

Love, support, and connection would come your way from those who possess power and authority. A stable income is assured, provided you spend the money you receive wisely.

Unfortunately though, stress could come your way, but it is in learning to leap over the hurdles is how you grow and shape your career prospects.

With romance, dogs would be able to build stable, long-term relationships. Look after your health, and do not allow yourself to be swamped up with work. Breathe.

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There could be some competition at the workplace for Pigs in 2023. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


Be assertive Pigs, but do not be greedy, especially when you’re in pursuit of wealth gains. Steer clear on unfamiliar waters and be alert when investing or spending. You do not want to experience any losses.

There could be some competition at the workplace, which may lead to some confrontations if you’re not careful. Keep away from office politics, lie low and focus on bettering yourself, skills wise.

Anticipate a year of great friendships with friends. Men who are single in 2023, your chances at meeting a worthy love is high.

Overall, it’s about to be a rather healthy year for Pigs, nevertheless, stay vigilant of injuries.

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Rats should stay patient and focus on what they do best in 2023. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


As Rats welcome a new year, the possibilities of a promotion, a salary increment from your full-time job and profits from your side-gig or business may also be welcomed.

One could experience some trying times at work, which might lead to conflicts with team leaders or superiors. But, stay patient and focus on what you do best. Be meticulous.

With regards to expenditure, this animal sign might spend more than they think from traveling or medical bills. Thus, pay extra attention to your health and avoid any activity which could put both your mental as well as physical health at risk.

Should you be single, 2023 could be a year of love. For one, someone with a steady temperament and gentle personality may grace your doors. Take it one step at a time, and don’t scare them away.

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The Ox could have a chance to meet the person of their dreams in 2023. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


This year, Oxen would need to take the bull by its horns and step up. Attempt to stay away from all types of high-risk investments and keep a lookout for scams as well as frauds.

Work could be rather stressful, as your plate fills up with new responsibilities. However, if you take one step at a time and work at them, then you may just discover the gateway to a career breakthrough.

This animal sign would also be gifted the chance to meet the person of their dreams, but it is vital this be pursued with care. Don’t let yourself be taken advantage of.

For safety, keep away from forest or jungle trekking, as well as camping, your risks at getting hurt during the process are quite evident.

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Tigers should keep a level head at work in 2023. (Images: Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore)


It’ll be a roaring good year for Tigers, provided you know how to use the best parts of 2023 and make life even better. Utilise the wisdom you attain and reach for the skies.

With regards to money, stay alert. There could be those around you just waiting to take advantage of you, especially friends, brothers or business partners.

At work, keep a level head, and analyse the things you hear. It is going to get competitive, and your competitors may try to bring you down.

2023 appears to also be the year you connect with someone from the opposite gender, a person whom you share similar interests with. However, this may or may not be a romantic relationship. For the time being, focus on you.

On the front of health, be careful to not sustain any skin injuries. Should you feel under the weather, do not hesitate to go see a doctor.

To find out more information on all the 12 animals for 2023, download the Thriver’s Guide here: joeyyaponline.com/tg2023-yahoo-jy

(Chinese Astrology is an insightful and fascinating area of Chinese Metaphysics. It is also marked as a popular guide to the prospects of the year. The Thriver’s Guide 2023 has been written in a way so that any beginner with no prior knowledge of Chinese Metaphysics could learn and immediately put to use the information within.)

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