John Cena Says Rob Gronkowski Is ‘Going to Miss’ His Super Bowl Kick, but ‘I Think I Could Make It’ (Exclusive)

Cena spoke with PEOPLE about teaming up with Gronkowski for the pre-Super Bowl LVIII kick

<p>Michael Loccisano/Getty, Noam Galai/Getty </p> From left: John Cena and Rob Gronkowski

Michael Loccisano/Getty, Noam Galai/Getty

From left: John Cena and Rob Gronkowski

There’s not an ounce of John Cena that believes Rob Gronkowski can make a planned field goal kick that’s set to take place moments before next month’s Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

“I'm just going with the math in my head,” Cena, 47, laughed during a recent interview with PEOPLE. “He missed last year. And I think he's going to miss this year.”

A new Super Bowl ad campaign by FanDuel is pitting Gronkowski, 34, and the wrestler-turned-actor against one another over the upcoming kick. Fans will be able to place a free pick on the FanDuel Sportsbook App, guessing whether the four-time Super Bowl champion will make it or not.

Last year’s attempt — dubbed the “Kick of Destiny” — saw Gronkowski miss wide left. This year, Gronkowski will line up in front of a live audience in Las Vegas and get a do-over.

FanDuel is running a series of commercials ahead of the kick. One ad shows a disheveled Gronkowski aimlessly walking through the desert after missing last year’s kick. That’s when an unlikely coach appears to take Gronkowski under his wing: Carl Weathers.

Weathers, 76, believes Gronkowski can make the kick, while Cena — playing the role of Gronkowski’s “arch nemesis” in a follow-up ad — does not. Fans can either place their free pick with Weathers or with Cena, depending on their trust in Gronkowski’s boot.

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<p>Kevin Mazur/Getty</p> John Cena

Kevin Mazur/Getty

John Cena

Cena told PEOPLE recently that it was a pleasure to work with Gronkowski, despite his scripted mistrust in the retired NFL star’s kicking abilities. The 16-time WWE world champion said he was excited to meet Gronkowski, having won three Super Bowls while playing for Cena’s hometown New England Patriots and even later enjoying a brief celebrity stint in WWE.

Gronkowski has never officially wrestled a match for WWE, but made several special appearances over the years – even once winning the wrestling promotion’s unsanctioned “24/7 Championship” during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“He was the WWE 24/7 champion, so now we're peers as well,” Cena said. “He plays for the Patriots. I grew up in New England, then he transferred to the Buccaneers. I live in Tampa, so we really had a lot to talk about.”

Cena said filming the commercials alongside Gronkowski “was a really fun experience.”

“And I think that the Kick of Destiny 2, the whole campaign, is very exciting not only for us, but certainly for the fans as well,” the Fast X actor said. “It gives them a lot more interest in the game and makes moments more meaningful.”

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<p>Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images</p> Rob Gronkowski

Jose Perez/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

Rob Gronkowski

Fans can watch Gronkowski attempt his field goal moments before Super Bowl LVIII kicks off on Feb. 11.

And if there's a Kick of Destiny 3 and Cena's put to the test?

"I really do think I could make it," Cena laughed after a curiously long pause.

"I tend to deliver when the lights are brightest," Cena said. "Regardless of the circumstance, I go all in and I tend to just be able to deliver when it counts. So, I'd like to think I could make it."

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