John Oliver Commemorates Pat Sajak’s ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Exit With Supercut of Worst Guesses He Endured

Pat Sajak hosted his final episode of “Wheel of Fortune” this week and, to say goodbye, “Last Week Tonight” host John Oliver put together a small memory reel for the game show host — of some of the worst guesses he had to listen to during his tenure.

The supercut was the first “And Now…This” segment of the night, coming just about seven minutes into the show and bluntly titled “Pat Sajak Endured Decades of Terrible Guesses.” To add drama to the video, Oliver used “Ave Maria” as the backing song. And from there, former contestants took it away.

First up was a puzzle that had just three letters missing, and was most certainly “another feather in your cap.” But, the contestant attempting to solve it guessed “another feather in your lap.” In another clip, the category is “Song/Artist,” and the player guesses the answer to be “I Have the Wine by Johnny Cash.” This moment came back in 2013 and, of course, the proper answer was “I Walk the Line by Johnny Cash.”

And yes, Oliver did make sure to include a more recent incident, in which a contestant guessed a decidedly NSFW answer for his puzzle, which you can see here.

For the most part, Sajak stayed calm in all the clips, simply telling the players their funny guesses were incorrect. In one, he lightly ribs contestants who guess the same answer twice in a row, joking it’s not that “no matter how many times you say it.”

But, in the final clip of the montage, Sajak loses his cool just a bit, after a contestant guesses that the answer for the “people” category is “a group of pill-pushers.”

“This is ‘Wheel of Fortune,’ Joe!” Sajak yells at him as the audience laughs.

And with that, the montage came to an end, and Oliver moved right along without actually addressing Sajak’s exit from the show. Of course, Sajak himself had a message for fans during his final episode, which you can watch here.

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