John Oliver mocks Trump’s new campaign advert: ‘There’s something deeply wrong with his brain’

John Oliver mocks Trump’s new campaign advert: ‘There’s something deeply wrong with his brain’

Comedian John Oliver has mocked the latest campaign advertisement from former US president Donald Trump.

The beleagered Trump has maintained his intention to run for the country’s highest office again in 2024.

He has suggested that he may be arrested this week, with the Manhattan District Attorney’s office expected to file charges against the real estate tycoon relating to a 2016 “hush money” payment made to adult film actor Stormy Daniels.

On Friday (17 March), Trump shared a campaign video seemingly targeted at agricultural workers. In it, the ex-president speaks about the benefits he supposedly brought farmers during his 2016-2020 administration.

“I made farmers happy and rich again, and they’re doing a fantastic job. And you know what? Someday it’ll become time for them to leave this beautiful Earth, and they’ll be able to leave their farm without taxes to their children,” Trump says in the video.

He goes on to say: “But if you don’t love your children so much – and there are some people that don’t, and maybe deservedly so – it won’t matter, because frankly, you don’t have to leave him anything. Thank you very much. Have fun.”

Speaking on his HBO comedy series Last Week Tonight, Oliver played a clip from the video, before lampooning Trump’s bizarre tangent.

“I mean, he’s still got it,” the British-American comic joked. “He has still got it, and by ‘it,’ I mean, whatever it is that is so deeply wrong with his brain.”

“Do you know how much you have to hate your kids to get distracted by that thought in the middle of a political speech?”

He then notes that the speech was shot with two cameras.

“They cut something out of that!” Oliver said, incredulously. “Given what they kept in, I’m dying to know what it was. And to stick the landing at the end with ‘have fun’? It’s impeccable. It’s all just impeccable.”

Oliver was an outspoken critic of Trump throughout his time in office, frequently ridiculing his speeches and scandals on Last Week Tonight.

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