Johnny Knoxville Hit With $3 Million Lawsuit for Tasing Eric André’s Writing Partner on ‘The Prank Panel’

Actor Johnny Knoxville has been hit with a $3 million lawsuit following accusations he attacked a “Prank Panel” segment producer, TheWrap has learned.

Daniel Curry – who also served as a creative consultant on ABC’s “The Prank Panel” – accused Knoxville of workplace harassment in his Thursday filing. The plaintiff also cited production houses ITV America and Kimmelot in the lawsuit.

Per court documents obtained by TheWrap, Knoxville allegedly entered video village and began harassing Curry with a taser while Curry fled, while still less than one week on the job. Curry says he was tased in the side while he and Knoxville were at a full run, which led to severe injuries when his body locked up and he fell. The documents state Curry broke his fibula and tore the ankle ligament in his right leg.

Following the harassment, the documents state that one or both of the production defendants falsified the incident report which instead stated Curry merely “fell” and had a “rolled ankle.” They allegedly also began urging other crew and talent to distance themselves from Curry.

Knoxville’s team did not immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment.

Curry also claims in the documents that he began to receive “ominous and threatening” text messages from Knoxville following the incident in an effort to silence him. André – who was second lead on the show and writing partners with Curry, with whom he worked on “The Eric Andre Show” – then allegedly began to distance himself, “citing fears of retaliation” from Knoxville. André also apparently advised the plaintiff “not to make a big deal” of the incident.

The writer says he’s been essentially “blackballed” from the industry. He’s seeking $950,000 in compensatory and general damages, $300,000 in special and incidental damages and $1,750,000 for past and future earning loss.

Knoxville is no stranger to facing lawsuits due to his pranks. In 2022, the actor was sued by Khalil Khan for “terrifying” antics while on the set of an episode of “Jackass.”

“The Prank Panel” starring Knoxville, André and Gabourey Sidibe has not yet been renewed for a second season. Season 1 is available to stream on Hulu.

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