Jon Stewart Compares Young People’s Future to ‘Mad Max’: ‘You Are Walking Into Thunderdome’ | Video

In a video released Sunday of an exchange filmed ahead of a “Daily Show” taping, Jon Stewart offered hope to a young audience member who admitted to worrying about the future of her generation — but not before he cracked a joke or two. “We’re going to ruin this so much, you have no idea what we’ve got planned,” he said. “You are walking into Thunderdome,” he added, referencing the “Mad Max” battle arena.

But on a more heartfelt note, Stewart changed his tune and explained, “No, you’re going to, honestly — we do this all the time, every generation. Like, even the Greatest Generation, I mean, they dropped atomic bombs on people.”

“We always think that the world is at its worst in the moment that we’re in it, but you have to remain optimistic, because the images that they present to us are to heighten your fear,” Stewart added.

Stewart also asked the audience member, who said she was 22 years old, what she’s worried about. “I think a lot of young people are a little bit… not happy with the choices of candidates we have in November. I just feel like our vote, our voice doesn’t matter.”

“Oh, it so matters,” Stewart responded before going on to say, “Can I tell you something about advertisers? Do you know that advertisers — they look at different demographics. But the largest demographic that they look at is 18 to 24. That’s the one that means everything to them. Use that power.”

“I’m 61,” he continued. “I’m not even listed anymore. Literally, companies would be like, ‘What about people over 55?’ And they’re like, ‘I think they might be dead.’ Don’t discount the power that you guys have. You have a tremendous amount.”

When asked how she could tell other young people this, Stewart suggested taking to Instagam.

“This is the fight, man. No generation ever feels empowered or seen or any of those things,” he said. “But what I would suggest is, trust your discomfort. Because you clearly feel it, but discomfort is a wonderful motivator. It’s sort of the difference between stress and anxiety.”

“Action is the antidote to anxiety. And if you feel anxiety, it will lessen as you take action — small actions. Like, a little bit every day,” he concluded.

And then, hopefully, “you’ll be in a position to save us, but you won’t want to.”

Watch the full exchange between Jon Stewart and a 22-year-old audience member in the video above.

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