Jordan Klepper Gets MAGA Die-Hards to Compare Trump to a Child

Comedy Central/screengrab
Comedy Central/screengrab

The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper ventured out to Milwaukee this week to talk in-person to Trump supporters about their candidate’s 34-count felony conviction last month. “Fuck that,” said the first supporter he encounters. “Bullshit. All 34 of them. It’s a fucking mess. Get rid of it.”

When Klepper asked the man to elaborate, he said, “It’s a fucking mess because he didn’t do anything wrong! Who’s he cheating?” When Klepper replied, “I mean, other than his wife,” the supporter said, “I’m not getting into that.”

This was hardly the only Trump supporter who found the trial unfair. One woman complained that “it only takes one crime to send you to jail,” and Klepper played along: “Isn’t that the truth? Oh, suddenly America’s the land where you commit a crime and you go to prison? Are you fucking kidding me?”

Another guy at the rally likened Trump’s guilty verdict to the convictions of famous leaders like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi. Klepper asked him, “Between Gandhi, Mandela, and Trump, which was the one who had sex with a porn star and then paid to cover that up?” The man hesitated before responding, “None of the above.”

Their complaints about the rigged nature of the justice system did not extend to the trial of Hunter Biden, however, who was recently found guilty on three felony gun charges. The president’s son may have lost his case, but one Trump supporter still believed things were rigged in his favor.

“They’re not gonna do anything to the fucker… He can sit around, dump a pistol in the garbage, smoke crack. He’d get away with all that shit,” complained one supporter, who was wearing a shirt demanding that immigrants speak English. Another, who declared Trump’s conviction to be “Stalinism,” was quick to assert that the evidence against Hunter was “overwhelming.”

“Which part of the justice system do we totally, implicitly trust, and which one is a total sham?” Klepper asked them, receiving no answer. “It’s hard to keep them straight.”

Most alarming of the interviewees was a woman who proudly claimed to have donated thousands of dollars to Trump’s campaign each time he’s been held accountable for a past wrongdoing.

“Trump goes to trial for sexual assault, how much are you giving?” Klepper asked her. “Oh, probably a thousand dollars,” she replied, and also confirmed that she donated another thousand after Trump was indicted for hoarding classified documents back in June 2023.

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“Basically, we just need to save our country from the border surge,” she said. Klepper asked her if she was “sick and tired of [her] money going to people who committed crimes,” and she responded, “That’s right.”

The last Trump supporter shown was a genial older woman who calmly explained why she was so forgiving of the former president’s many crimes: “It’s like if you have a child and they pull some shenanigan. You don’t like what they do. You love the person, but you don’t necessarily like what they do.”

“The child analogy is kind of perfect,” Klepper told her, “but to be clear, we are talking about the person you want to be president?”

She happily responded, “I want him to be president, yes.”

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