Julia Roberts still wants to film a sequel to “My Best Friend's Wedding”

Julia Roberts still wants to film a sequel to “My Best Friend's Wedding”

She also revealed her thoughts on who Michael should've really ended up with at the end of the 1997 rom-com.

Julia Roberts is still interested in getting a chance to check in on Jules, Michael, and Kimmy in a follow-up to the beloved 1997 rom-com, My Best Friend’s Wedding.

During a recent Watch What Happens Live visit, the actress, who stars in the new thriller Leave the World Behind, was asked if there was one film from her iconic career that she’d like to see receive a potential sequel.

“I think, maybe, My Best Friend’s Wedding,” Roberts said. “Because there’s so many people in it, and to see what they’re doing and how Kimmy and Michael’s marriage is going and…”

“Follow up,” host Andy Cohen interjected. “Who do you think Michael should’ve married in My Best Friend’s Wedding?”

“Well, I mean, of course, Jules,” she admitted, “but he married Kimmy.”

Directed by P.J. Hogan, My Best Friend’s Wedding starred Roberts as Julianne, a woman who discovers that she’s in love with her best friend Michael (Dermot Mulroney) after he reveals that he intends to marry college student Kimberly (Cameron Diaz). To prevent the couple from saying “I do,” she embarks on a quest to sabotage their special day and win Michael back. 

<p>Everett Collection</p> Dermot Mulroney, Julia Roberts

Everett Collection

Dermot Mulroney, Julia Roberts

This isn’t the first time that Roberts has expressed her interest in a potential sequel to the film, which at one point was going to center around her character ruining her pal George's (Rupert Everett) wedding next.

As part of EW’s 2019 cover story, she revealed what the cast and crew thought about reuniting for round two often. “It came up today,” Roberts said at the time.

Mulroney added, “It really did. I’ve been asked about it a lot, obviously, and I’ve always said yes. I think it’s a great idea, but I decided today I’m going to say no from now on.”

When Everett questioned Mulroney's comment, he replied, “What I’m going to suggest instead is that they release My Best Friend’s Wedding for the summer of 2019. I mean [release it] as is, same poster, and I bet you anything it would be the blockbuster romantic comedy of the year.”

Watch Roberts discuss My Best Friend's Wedding in the clip above.

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