Jurgen Klopp interview: Niels Christian Frederikse addresses spat with Liverpool manager after FA Cup epic

Jurgen Klopp interview: Niels Christian Frederikse addresses spat with Liverpool manager after FA Cup epic

Danish reporter Niels Christian Frederikse says he has “absolutely no problem” with Jurgen Klopp after the Liverpool manager’s outburst on Sunday.

A clip of Klopp abruptly ending a post-match interview with Frederikse following his team’s epic 4-3 loss in an FA Cup classic at Manchester United went viral on social media.

Klopp was frustrated about the line of questioning, hitting back when Frederikse asked why his team dropped their intensity levels in extra-time at Old Trafford.

The German paused after the question, inhaled and said: “That’s a bit of a dumb question, I have to say, if you see us often. If you never see us then you can ask ‘how can they have more resources?’.

“We played I don’t know how many games recently, I don’t know how many games United exactly have played. That’s sport.

“I’m really disappointed by that question, but you thought the opposite so that’s good.”

When Frederikse continued with “so, too many games”, Klopp interrupted and said: “Oh, you don’t think that? Ah, come on, you’re obviously not in good shape and I have no nerves for you.”

As Klopp was leaving the interview, he asked Frederikse: “What is wrong with you?”

However, speaking to Danish outlet Tipsbladet, Frederikse played down the incident.

“It continued after what was seen on TV. He continued down the hallway, where he yelled and screamed at me,” he said.

“I also followed him because I thought it was something strange.

"I interpret it mostly as an expression of his terrible frustration that they lost to Manchester United in the manner it happened, where they were ahead twice and should have sealed the deal," Frederiksen added.

"Then he got a question about why they didn't have intensity in the game, and then he snapped.

"That's fair enough. I have absolutely no problem with that. There will be absolutely no problems in the future. I can't imagine that at all.

"When I interview him again, we'll still be good friends - professionally speaking. I don't think he holds a grudge, and I certainly don't."

Frederikse also rejected suggestions on social media that Klopp was referencing his weight when saying “you’re obviously not in great shape.”

"No, no, no, that's not what he meant at all," he added. "First of all, I'm not overweight, and if I was, he would never, ever say that. Klopp is not like that.

"It wasn't meant like that at all. He's not at all mean. He meant that I was unable and unfit to ask questions. There was nothing else."