Kai Ko reveals he once wanted to marry Elva Hsiao but loved Tia Lee the most

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Kai Ko; Elva Hsiao, Tia Lee. (PHOTO: Getty Images)
Kai Ko; Elva Hsiao, Tia Lee. (PHOTO: Getty Images)

Taiwanese actor Kai Ko found himself in a tight spot when he was asked a difficult question.

In his Instagram live broadcast on 28 May, Taiwanese actor Kai Ko, 29, revealed that he wanted to marry singer Elva Hsiao, 41, while they were dating, but had loved singer Tia Lee the most.

When asked by singer Jumi Wang in a game of Truth Or Dare which of his former girlfriend he had loved the most, Ko shared that whichever girlfriend he was dating, he had loved them the most during the relationship. “However, the one that I had wanted to married was Miss Hsiao,” he disclosed. “But up till now, the one that I had liked the most was Miss Lee.”

Wang continued to ask if Ko prefers older ladies that are “white, rich, and pretty”. To this, the 29-year-old replied: “I don’t have a preference for older ladies that are white, rich, and pretty. I just happen to date ladies who are such. However, I am always very serious when I am in a relationship, and my relationships lasted at least three years.”

Hsiao had responded to Ko’s Instagram live, stating that Ko has always been very honest about his feelings, “and youngsters these days play with high stakes.” The singer has been openly dating actor Justin Huang, 16 years her junior, since 2019.

When asked about what she feels about Ko’s confession, Lee had avoided the question with her manager, adding that “there is nothing to comment about.”

During a Question and Answer Instagram interaction with his fans, one asked Ko if he saw Hsiao’s reply. 

‘I did, and I apologise for bringing inconveniences to others due to my rash actions,” he replied, adding three kneeling emoticons.

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