Kaley Cuoco's new movie continues unwanted Rotten Tomatoes trend

roley play kaley cuoco
Cuoco's new film continues unwanted Tomatoes trendStudioCanal / Reiner Bajor

The Big Bang Theory, Harley Quinn and The Flight Attendant's Kaley Cuoco has a new movie, and it has sadly continued an unwanted Rotten Tomatoes trend for her.

The actress stars in and produces Role Play, a Prime Video couples' drama turned thriller about an assassin who finds her past has come back to haunt her.

Currently, it stands at a low 18% rating from 28 reviews on the site, which is based on whether reviews are positive or not, rather than the average score.

A project needs to hit 60% by Rotten Tomatoes' scoring metric to be certified 'Fresh' on the site – and of all Cuoco's films, not a single one to date has achieved that.

roley play kaley cuoco
StudioCanal / Reiner Bajor

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2022's Meet Cute comes close with a rating of 59%, while Cuoco's lowest-rated film on the site is Authors Anonymous with a dismal 8%.

These scores are from the critics, while the audience scores have gone over that threshold for some of Cuoco's films, with two animated Bratz movies being her highest-rated films amongst fans.

Of course, Cuoco has received much better Rotten Tomatoes scores for her TV work, with a whopping 97% for Harley Quinn and 91% for The Flight Attendant.

roley play kaley cuoco
StudioCanal / Reiner Bajor

In Digital Spy's review of Role Play, we said that "The movie coasts by on its familiarity and the charisma of the always-watchable Kaley Cuoco and David Oyelowo.

"They're both capable of much more and you will wish they were given the chance to make this a truly unique spin on the genre.

"This is not that movie. You will forget it as soon as it's ended."

Role Play is available to watch now on Prime Video.

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