Kamisato Ayato gets his first rerun in Genshin Impact! Here's how to build him

The best weapons, builds and teams for the Boba Blade himself

Kamisato Ayato is getting his first rerun in the second half of Genshin Impact version 3.3! He's one of the more versatile characters in the game and is our pick for the best character released in 2022. Read on for everything you need to know about him. (Photos: HoYoverse)
Kamisato Ayato is getting his first rerun in the second half of Genshin Impact version 3.3! He's one of the more versatile characters in the game and is our pick for the best character released in 2022. Read on for everything you need to know about him. (Photos: HoYoverse)

Kamisato Ayato, the commissioner of Inazuma's Yashiro commission, older brother to Ayaka, resident boba tea lover, and the number 1 of our 2022 new characters ranked list, is back for his first-ever rerun in the second half of Genshin Impact’s version 3.3!

Running in a dual banner with the Raiden Shogun, Kamisato Ayato is a formidable 5-star Hydro sword DPS who’s definitely a great addition to your team, boasting a unique skill and burst that’s geared for quick and consistent damage.

So from talents, to constellations, to team compositions, and to builds, here’s everything you need to know before pulling for him!

As fast as a cascading flood

Ayato’s kit revolves around his skill, Kamisato Art: Kyouka, which allows him to go into the Takimegura Kanka state. This state will see him leave a watery illusion on his original location that will explode after a duration of time, dealing area-of-effect Hydro DMG.

While in the Takimegura Kanka state, Ayato will use Shunsuiken to deploy blindingly fast Hydro-infused slashes against his enemies. When a Shunsuiken attack hits an enemy, Ayato will be granted the Namisen effect, increasing the damage of succeeding Shunsuiken slashes based on his max HP, capping at a maximum of 4 stacks. The majority of Ayato’s DMG comes from his skill.

Ayato's burst, Kamisato Art: Suiyuu, is a versatile ability that both damages enemies and buffs the damage of your party. When deployed, a Garden of Purity is formed, which rains down Bloomwater Blades that deal Hydro DMG in a wide area-of-effect for a whopping 18 seconds.

While in the Garden of Purity, members of your party and Ayato himself will gain a maximum of 20% Normal ATK bonus DMG.

Ayato’s A1 passive, Kamisato Art: Mine Wo Matoishi Kiyotaki, focuses on further refining Ayato’s skill DMG. After entering his Takimegura Kanka state, Ayato will immediately gain 2 Namisen stacks. When his watery illusion explodes, Ayato will also gain the maximum stacks possible for his Namisen effect.

His A4 passive, Kamisato Art: Michiyuku Hagetsu, helps him regain his burst even faster. When not on the field and if his energy is less than 40, he will regenerate 2 energy for himself every second.

Your priority in ascending his talents should be his skill first, burst second, and normal attacks last.

Cypressus Custos: Constellations to go for

Ayato has choice constellations that greatly increase his DPS, specifically his C2, C3, C5, and C6.

His C2, World Source, allows him to gain a total of 5 Namisen stacks. When he has at least 3 stacks, his Max HP is also increased by 50%, giving him more DMG.

C3, To Admire the Flowers, increases the level cap of his skill by 3. Considering that his kit focuses on his skill DMG, it’s best to reach C3 if you’re wanting to fully maximise Ayato’s DPS capability.

C5, Bansui Ichiro, increases the level cap of his burst by 3, increasing the DMG of his Bloomwater Blades and Normal ATK DMG bonus buff.

C6, Boundless Origin, allows Ayato’s next Shunsuisen Attack to create 2 extra Shunsuiken strikes that deal 45-% of Ayato’s ATK as DMG, and will be unaffected by Namisen. This means that at C6, you won’t need to stack HP on him and can focus on getting ATK instead.

The Yashiro Commisioner's Retainers

As a Hydro DPS, Kamisato Ayato works well in a variety of team comps that can trigger the many Hydro-related elemental reactions or even focus on buffing his personal DMG. Here are some of his best teams!

Hypercarry: Kamisato Ayato, Yun Jin, Bennett, Kaedehara Kazuha

The Hypercarry team composition focuses on fully buffing Kamisato Ayato’s personal DMG. Yun Jin will give him Normal ATK DMG buffs with her burst, while Bennett will increase his ATK and give an avenue for Vaporize. Swirling Hydro with Kaedehara Kazuha will give Ayato an Elemental DMG Bonus due to Kazuha’s passive, while also triggering the 4-piece effect of the Viridescent Venerer artifact set.

National: Kamisato Ayato, Bennett, Xiangling, Xingqiu/Kaedehara Kazuha

The National team essentially focuses on the Vaporize reaction with Kamisato Ayato acting as both the Vaporize trigger and on-field DMG dealer. Bennett will give an ATK buff with his burst, while Xiangling will dish out Pyro DMG from off-field. The core National team composition includes Xingqiu, who deals Hydro DMG from off-field, acts as Ayato's battery, and even decreases the Hydro RES of enemies if he's at C2.

However, you can replace Xingqiu with Kazuha for more flexibility, as the latter can buff the team's Hydro and Pyro DMG with his ability to double-Swirl and trigger the 4-piece Viridescent Venerer effect.

Taser: Kamisato Ayato, Fischl/Yae Miko, Beidou, Kaedehara Kazuha/Venti/Jean/Sucrose

This team will focus on creating the Electro-Charged reaction, stacking additional DMG with Ayato’s own. Yae Miko, Fischl, and Beidou can all deal Electro DMG from off-field while Ayato drives the reaction, all while Kazuha buffs everyone's damage.

You can also slot in different Anemo characters depending on your needs, with Venti and Sucrose helping if you need crowd control while Jean provides healing.

Freeze: Kamisato Ayato, Ganyu, Rosaria/Diona, Kaedehara Kazuha

In this composition, Ayato and Ganyu will both act as sub-DPS characters, with their bursts combining to create a perma-Freeze situation against their enemies. You can either then use Ayato’s skill or Ganyu’s charged attacks to clear the field of your enemies. Rosaria or Diona with Favonius weapons will act as the battery, as well as triggering the Cryo resonance effect for additional Crit Rate.

Brewing the perfect boba tea (aka Ayato’s best gear!)

Kamisato Ayato is very easy to build, not needing much investment when it comes to his gear in order to become effective.

Of course, his best 5-star weapon is his signature weapon, Haran Geppaku Futsu. It gives him a high base ATK, 33% Crit Rate, as well as a 12% Elemental DMG Bonus and increased Normal Attack DMG from its passive.

But if you’re not willing to shell out money on the weapon banner, you can go for these alternatives:

Mistsplitter Reforged (5-star, Gacha)

Aside from ascending with tons of Crit DMG, Mistsplitter Reforged’s passive fits well with Ayato’s kit, giving him ample Elemental DMG Bonus.

Primordial Jade Cutter (5-star, Gacha)

Primordial Jade Cutter ascends with Crit Rate, which is perfect for Ayato as he ascends with Crit DMG. The passive also gives him an additional 20% HP as well as an ATK bonus based on 1.2% of his max HP.

Black Sword (4-star, Battle Pass)

The Black Sword is Ayato’s 4-star weapon of choice. It ascends with Crit Rate, and the passive increases Normal and Charged ATK DMG by 20%.

Blackcliff Longsword (4-star, Stargliiter Shop)

While not wholly ideal as the passive doesn’t hold up in the endgame, the Blackcliff Longsword can give Ayato some much-needed Crit DMG.

Amenoma Kageuchi (4-star, Craftable)

Much like his little sister, Ayato’s best free-to-play weapon is the Amenoma Kageuchi, which gives him tons of ATK. The passive also helps him with his energy needs, letting him use his burst whenever it's off cooldown.

Harbinger of Dawn (3-star, Gacha)

It’s not a surprise that Harbinger of Dawn is also a great option for Ayato. While it’s a 3-star weapon, meaning it has a low base ATK, its Crit DMG substat and passive that grants a 14% Crit Rate increase more than makes up for it. If you have no other weapon available, then this one will do the trick.

Artifacts: there’s a lot to choose from

Ayato works well with a variety of artifact builds, here are your options:

4-piece Echoes of an Offering - Ayato’s consensus best-in-slot artifact set, as it’s tailor made for his kit. Besides increasing ATK by 20%, it also increases Normal ATK DMG. You need to have a good internet connection though, as your ping can affect how often the passive triggers.

4-piece Heart of Depth - This is also a great set, as it gives Ayato added Hydro DMG bonus while also increasing his Normal and Charged ATK DMG after deploying his skill.

4-piece Gladiator’s Finale - This generalist set will give Ayato additional ATK as well as a 35% Normal ATK DMG bonus.

The difference between the three sets listed above in terms of damage output isn't significant enough that we'd fully recommend one over the other on numbers alone. Instead, the real-difference maker will be your substat rolls, so go for whichever one has the best substats.

You must also consider the investment needed to farm these sets. The Echoes of an Offering set is acquired from a very resin-inefficient domain whereas Heart of Depth and Gladiator's Finale are both available from the Artifact Strongbox. Take these into consideration before spending all your resin.

Alternatively, you can go for a mix of 2-piece sets while you're farming for a full 4-piece set. A mixed set of 2-piece Heart of Depth and any 2-piece artifact set that grants an ATK% bonus will still do the trick and can even rival full 4-piece sets in terms of damage output if you get really lucky with your substat rolls.

Kamisato Ayato features in a double character banner with the Raiden Shogun in the second half of Genshin Impact version 3.3. This is one of the best banners released in the game so far, and if you're torn on which one to pull for, we've got you covered.

Genshin Impact is currently in version 3.3, which is expected to run until mid-January 2023.

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