Kang Ho-dong tax evasion

6 Sept – South Korea's top MC and comedian Kang Ho-dong was revealed to be investigated for tax evasion and was eventually charged a fine, as reported by HanCinema website.

Through an official press release, on 5 September, his representatives stated, "We'd like to first apologize to fans for concerning them with such unfortunate news. During his recent investigation by the National Tax Service, it's been discovered that he was charged additional fees of a couple hundred million won.

For the past five months, he's been working with his lawyer for all of the necessary steps required by the National Tax Service and genuinely did all he could for the investigation.

What was found in his declaration was that he did not pay enough taxes, which was why he was charged additional fees. Kang Ho-dong will make the appropriate payments immediately. Whatever the reason, we would like to apologize to his fans and the citizens of Korea for concerning them with this issue."

In conclusion, they stated, "We would also like to promise that Kang Ho-dong will abide by the law, since it's his duty as a citizen of this nation. We bow our head in apology once more."