Katie Couric’s Husband Falls Asleep During ‘Riveting’ Interview on Whether Biden Should Step Down | Video

Katie Couric’s recent Instagram Live interview with Democratic political consultant Brian Goldsmith was apparently not “riveting” enough to keep her husband awake — even while discussing matters as pressing as Joe Biden’s future as president.

During a Tuesday conversation later posted to the storied journalist’s YouTube channel, Couric hilariously revealed that her husband had fallen asleep on the couch in front of her, right in the middle of her interview with Goldsmith.

“Meanwhile, my husband is finding this conversation riveting,” Couric said before flipping her camera to reveal her husband John Molner passed out on the couch. The moment came a little over 18 minutes into the conversation as she and Goldsmith were listing the various Democratic figures and institutions who have called on Biden to exit the 2024 presidential race since Thursday’s debate, from Maureen Dowd to David Remnick to The New York Times editorial board.

“I’ve always had a very soothing affect on Molner,” Goldsmith responded. “He hears my voice and he relaxes.”

“I had to kick him because he was starting to snore,” Couric said through laughter.

“I think he’s closing his eyes because he’s just thinking very deeply about points that you and I are making,” Goldsmith joked.

The points the pair was making echoed what many Democrats have said since Biden’s dismal debate showing against former President Donald Trump. Couric later posited that anyone but Kamala Harris could cause a deeper schism in the party.

Citing a recent New York Magazine article that said, per Couric, that “it would be very difficult for the Democratic Party if Kamala Harris isn’t chosen” to replace Biden if he steps down and that it would “splinter the party” because “Black Americans would be very angry that the first Black, Asian woman to become vice president was tossed aside for maybe a white man or a white woman.”

“Having said that, her polling is worse than President Biden’s polling even though she does better among Latinos and Black Americans,” Couric said. “So, you know, if this decision is made, it’s also very problematic, is it not, in terms of selecting the person, either pre-convention or during the convention, who would replace Joe Biden, and also who has the national stature to kind of attract a big portion of the electorate. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah, I mean, I think it’s really messy. There is risk all around here,” Goldsmith responded. “There is no risk-free path moving forward. There’s risk to the president being the candidate, there’s risk to some alternative being the candidate.”

Goldsmith added that before any talk of who could be the right nominee could really happen, Biden needed to take himself out of the race. Couric followed wondering if former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton alongside other key democrats haven’t had a “come to Jesus conversation” about exactly that.

“I don’t know if this is something he’s even actively considering or whether he views this as something that just needs to be cleaned up and then he can move on,” Goldsmith said.

As those questions and more hang in the air, Biden set his first post-debate interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos on Tuesday. First clips will land Friday on “World News Tonight With David Muir.” The extended interview will air Sunday on “This Week.” “Good Morning America” and others will also broadcast the sit-down that Monday.

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