Katie Piper planning on more facial surgery

Katie Piper planning on more facial surgery credit:Bang Showbiz
Katie Piper planning on more facial surgery credit:Bang Showbiz

Katie Piper is planning on having more facial surgery.

16 years after suffering a horrifying acid attack orchestrated by her abusive ex-boyfriend, Katie - who has had over 400 surgeries - will undergo more operations to deal with scar tissue from the burns on her face.

Katie told OK!: "[The injuries are] all connected with my ears, nose and throat, as well as my eyes. It’s a cliché, but I always meet people who are worse off than me. It’s not something I feel bad about because I have lived with this for over 15 years, and I am very lucky and grateful to the NHS for all the incredible treatments I have endured.

“You have to be resilient and robust in life, and that’s what I try to teach my kids. I like to think of myself as always remaining tough, simply because there will always be bad things out there and we have to learn to deal with them."

And, the star admitted it is hard to forget what happened to her.

She said: "In my personal life at home, and with my children I am just being a wife and a mum. I don’t ever think about the fact I am scarred. At work, in my foundation, I do feel different. I am constantly reminded of what happened to me because I am dealing with people who have suffered the same fate. My burns, my scarring, is part of who I am, I realise that. So, I try to be at peace with it, so it doesn’t dominate my life."

Katie has been happily married to Richard Sutton since 2015, and the couple have two daughters, Belle, 10, and six-year-old Penelope.