Katy Perry Celebrates July 4th in Nothing But a Star-Shaped American Flag swimsuit

While some of us (me) celebrated July 4th eating hot dogs starting at 10:00 am, making one of those weird American flag cakes with the blueberries, and attempting/failing to write our names in sparkler for a cute pic, Katy Perry had other plans!

And said other plans including celebrating the Fourth of July by striking a Rosie the Rivater pose in a star-shaped American flag themed swimsuit top. The caption? Obviously "BB UR A FIREWORK" followed by "and speaking of work, WOMAN’S WORLD IS GOING TO WORK IN ONE WEEK HAPPY 4TH."

I mean, in the long tradition of celebs randomly wearing American flag swimsuits on July 4th, this tops the list!

"Women's World" is—in case you're unaware—Katy's first single from her new Era, which she's been promoting all over the world. Including in France where she casually wore the world's longest train featuring the song's lyrics.

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Neil Mockford - Getty Images

BTW, she went on Instagram Live that same night, saying "Yes, there are features on the album, and they're super fun and some you know some you might be introduced to." Katy also added, "No, I'm no longer doing American Idol but I love Luke and Lionel so much and I loved my time on there, but I had to make a choice, and I chose you."

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