Keir Starmer Says His Commitment To UK's Nuclear Weapons Is 'Total'

<span class="copyright">Danny Lawson - PA Images via Getty Images</span>
Danny Lawson - PA Images via Getty Images

Keir Starmer has said his commitment to the UK’s nuclear weapons is “total”,“unshakeable” and “absolute”.

The Labour leader will visit the Barrow-in-Furness nuclear submarine facility on Friday.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Starmer said a Labour government was committed to building the new Dreadnought-class submarines.

“Labour’s commitment to our nuclear deterrent is total,” he said.

“My commitment to Nato and the UK’s nuclear deterrent – maintained on behalf of Nato allies – is unshakeable. Absolute.”

“The changed Labour Party that I lead knows that our national security always comes first.”

In a separate interview with the i newspaper, Starmer also said he wanted to increase defence spending 2.5% of GDP “as soon as resources allow”.

The intervention is a sharp contrast to Jeremy Corbyn, who as leader once said he would never to use the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system if he became PM.

Martin Docherty-Hughes, the SNPs, defence spokesperson, said: “Westminster has already wasted billions of pounds of taxpayers’ money on nuclear weapons and expensive nuclear energy.

“It is therefore grotesque that Keir Starmer is prepared to throw billions more down the drain when his party claim there is no money to improve our NHS, help families with the cost of living or to properly invest in our green energy future.

“This money would be better spent on a raft of other things – not least investing in the green energy gold rush, which would ensure Scotland, with all its renewable energy potential, could be a green energy powerhouse of the 21st century.”