Keke Palmer Captures Special Moment 1-Year-Old Son Says ‘Mama’ Clearly for the First Time

While in hair and makeup on set, the Emmy winner shared a sweet video chatting to her son

<p>Keke/Instagram</p> Keke Palmer and son Leo


Keke Palmer and son Leo

Keke Palmer is a proud "mama!"

On Friday, Palmer shared a sweet moment with her 13-month-old son, Leodis “Leo” Andrellton Jackson, via Instagram.

The 30-year-old actress held her son in her arms while she was in hair and makeup for a current production. Although her makeup includes a “bloody” gash to her head, Leo still cuddles up to her.

“Why you always gotta play shy, brother?” Palmer jokes to her son, as he rests his head on her shoulder. “You is not shy, brother!”

<p>Keke/Instagram</p> Keke Palmer and son Leo


Keke Palmer and son Leo

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The two of them then stared at the camera for a couple of seconds before Palmer turned toward her son and asked: “Do Mommy look good with the blood on her face?”

Leo is then heard saying “Mama” to Palmer off-screen. Quickly, an excited Palmer dropped her mouth in amazement.

The Nope actress then looked around the room for a split second and shouted a prolonged, “OH!”

“I’m not crying YOU ARE 🥹🫶🏾🙏🏾,” she captioned the cute video.

Fans and followers shared their excitement in the comments. One user asked the proud mom if that was Leo’s first time saying “Mama,” and Palmer confirmed, “Saying it so clear yes!”

“Don’t ask me how many times I’ve already watched this 😭🥹🥹😍,” wrote another user. “Keke this was wonderful. I love that you respond to your fans on here. You got a fan for life. Love that baby," another added.

<p>Keke Palmer /Instagram</p> Keke Palmer celebrating son Leo's first birthday

Keke Palmer /Instagram

Keke Palmer celebrating son Leo's first birthday

Earlier this month, the Emmy winner shared with PEOPLE that she has a different outlook on life since becoming a mother.

The actress told PEOPLE as she navigates motherhood and her demanding career, life has become “a juggling act.”

“I do feel like being 30, it's put me in a different head space that's allowed me to kind of feel more observational about my life,” she said. “I'm not so in the weeds of everything. I'm really trusting and having faith that everything will work out as it should. I think so much of that peace has come from my son.”

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Palmer shares Leo with her ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson. As of November, the actress has temporary sole custody of Leo, as well as a temporary restraining order against Jackson.

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