Keke Palmer’s Momager Gets the Spotlight in First Clip From Comedy Series ‘Bosses’ | Exclusive Video

Keke Palmer‘s new KeyTV series “Bosses” follows the booked and busy lifestyle of her mother Sharon Palmer, who manages and lives with her Emmy award-winning daughter.

“Now listen here, Mikey. I’m no dummy — Keke is worth twice that amount,” Sharon says on the phone during a business negotiation in an exclusive first-look clip from the series premiere — which you can watch above. After hanging up the phone, Sharon takes a break from making deals to pray over her food with her husband, and Palmer’s father, Larry.

However, money is always on the line, which prompts Sharon to pick up her ringing phone.

“Didn’t I tell you I was going to call you back?” Sharon says in the clip. “I gotta go!”

In another scene, Sharon — who is navigating Hollywood while building her budding talent agency Palmer Entertainment — boasts about Palmer and the grand performance she foresees Palmer having in a film they’re both working on.

“Palmer Entertainment is making some serious moves. Keke and I met with some writers about our movie, and let me just tell you, this s—t is gonna be hot! Keke is going to blow this s—t out of the water! I’m talking about award season, she was rehearsing the lines and I just…I really just started getting kind of choked up,” Sharon exclaims.

The show then goes to a cutaway scene of Palmer going through her lines for their movie.

“I got a baby, an addiction and a boil on my ass that’s ready to pop. I can be a freak, baby! I can be a freak!” Palmer exclaims, acting out her character from the film. She then drifts out of her act and back into reality.

“Like more ‘Monster’s Ball’?” she asks her applauding mother. “

“Yes! Yes!” Sharon responds while praising her performance. “Oscar!”

However, by the end of the clip, and in the midst of Sharon’s planning meeting for her company Palmer Entertainment, Palmer told Sharon she’s no longer able to participate in their movie.

“Don’t say it,” Sharon.

“I can’t do it,” Palmer replies.

The series, which was created and written by Palmer, Matt Cullen and Troy Lapersonerie, shows a satirical portrayal of the actress’s real-life relationship with her mother and manager. Executive produced by Palmer, Sharon, Josh Zakaria, Lenoria Addison and Cullen, “Bosses” stands as a follow up to KeyTV’s series “That’s The Gag.”

“’Bosses’ is a comedic look at the world of talent management, bringing a fresh and sometimes, all too real, take to what it’s like to be behind the scenes,” Palmer said in a statement. “Being able to work with my mother Sharon in this is a special treat—I’m thrilled to bring this project to life with such an incredible team and to continue our mission at KeyTV Network of amplifying new perspectives that haven’t been explored.”

Here’s KeyTV’s official synopsis of the series below:

In the new series, Sharon Palmer, Keke’s mother and manager, is riding off the success of Keke’s skyrocketing career when she decides to open up her own talent management company. Together with her staff of misfits, they fight to shake the “momager” stigma and prove that they are indeed… Bosses.

“Bosses” premieres Friday, June 28, at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT on KeyTV Network’s YouTube and Facebook.

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