Kerry Katona reveals worrying health update after nose job

Kerry Katona received a worrying health update after her recent nose job.

The 43-year-old star has been open about undergoing the procedure earlier this month to fix damage caused by her past drug abuse, and she has since been told by doctors that she has calcified bones, which is the accumulation of calcium salts in a body issue.

Writing in her latest OK! magazine column, she said: "During my post-op, my surgeon, Dr Raghavan, said they struggled to get the cartilage during the operation because he'd never seen anyone at my age with such an advanced stage of calcified bones."

Kerry admitted she was immediately concerned when she heard the doctor mention "advanced stage", but her fears were quickly laid to rest.

She added: "When he said the words 'advanced stage' I s*** myself and the blood drained from my face, because that's usually what you hear when it's something serious like cancer, so I got worried, but it wasn't.

"It's just something I get pain medication for."

Kerry previously revealed she hopes the surgery will close the chapter on the drug abuse in her past and allow her to move on with her life.

In a post on Instagram after the op, she wrote: "Even thou [sic] it's been almost 15 years since those awful dark days and even thou that chapter of my life is well and truly closed it's hard not to hang on to those negative unnecessary thoughts of shame, guilt, embarrassment, also desperation, loneliness, heartbreak.

"But also strength, resilience, determination and forgiveness! Forgiving yourself is probably the most hardest of them all.

"I really hope my mistakes can become lessons for others in their hour of desperation to give you hope and inspiration never to give up on yourself."

recovery has been so hard ... I’m still struggling with that."

Despite "still struggling" with her recovery, the former Atomic Kitten singer is thrilled with the results.

She wrote in new! magazine: "I’m really loving it now. I can’t believe how bad my nose was before. I wasn’t used to it in the beginning but now I feel like it’s made me look younger."