Kesha reveals how she was ‘dumped’ over Taylor Swift

Kesha reveals how she was ‘dumped’ over Taylor Swift

Kesha has revealed how the “worst date” she’s ever been on involves pop star Taylor Swift.

The “TiK ToK” singer recently took to X, formerly Twitter, after finding herself stuck in travel for several hours. Kesha, 37, asked her fans to share some of their terrible dating stories to keep herself entertained.

“So 28 hours of travel but made it nowhere… anyone got some worst date stories ??” she wrote on 16 March. While hundreds of followers replied with their dating nightmares, one fan asked the “Die Young” singer to reveal her worst dating story, writing back: “U first”.

In response, Kesha explained how one man had allegedly broken up with her over the 14-time Grammy winner. “I got dumped [because] I didn’t take a guy to the Taylor Swift after party,” she revealed.

One user assured the “Cannibal” singer that the guy must’ve been “very delusional” to break up with her over a party invitation, while another fan said: “Tay wouldn’t have wanted him there.”

Kesha - full name Kesha Rose Sebert - gave an interview to SELF magazine in June last year, in which she kept details about her then romance private but maintained that she was in a relationship with an “amazing” boyfriend.

Just four months later, the “Your Love is My Drug” singer revealed that she had been “dumped” for the first time ever. Kesha made the announcement on social media, writing on X: “I just got dumped for the first time… in my LIFE… Can you believe it? We’re all f****.”

While Kesha didn’t reveal her ex’s identity, she elaborated more about the breakup in a video with Cosmopolitan, in which she was asked to critique fans’ dating app profiles. “I have no idea why anyone’s asking me. I just got dumped for the first time in my life. Can you f***ing believe it?” Kesha said. “I was just making my profile as I was driving here!”

The “Praying” singer shared that she’s steering clear of the dating app Raya, an exclusive membership-based app known for being used by celebrities and the very wealthy, and joked that she wanted her next relationship to be a sugar daddy arrangement - dating a wealthy older man usually in return for expensive gifts and money.

“I mostly want a sugar daddy. I just never had one,” she said. “It sounds really fun. I know it’s like anti-feminist of me, but I want one, so DM me.”