Kiefer Sutherland reveals reason he’s hooked on Greggs sausage rolls

Kiefer Sutherland is hooked on Greggs sausage rolls.

The ‘Young Guns’ actor, 57, who also fronts a country rock band, says he reckons the grease in the UK pastry chain’s biggest selling product keeps his vocal cords lubricated for his live gigs.

Kiefer – who was born in London but raised in Canada – told the Daily Mirror: “Grease is not a good word, but there’s enough around a Greggs sausage roll to lubricate your voice quite well, and quite nicely.

“I’ve found it helpful on more than one occasion. (Me and my band) go there so much (when we’re in Britain.)”

Kiefer – whose parents are actor Donald Sutherland, 88, and the late actress Shirley Douglas, who died in 2020 aged 86 due to complications linked to pneumonia – admitted he loves gorging on calorie-packed Greggs’ sausage rolls despite it getting harder and harder for him to stay in shape.

He said about his fitness struggle in the lead up for two new action films – ‘Stone Cold Fox’ and ‘Sierra Madre’: “As you get older, you know, every 10 years it gets a little harder for the body to define muscle.

“It gets harder for the body to process... your metabolism changes. You have to make adjustments.

“I hate the feeling of the beginning of a workout. And I love the feeling when it’s done. I run a lot, and that’s kind of the foundation of everything.

“I’ve got my version of a lightweight workout there that hopefully keeps you trimmer – light weights, heavy rotation, things like that.”

Kiefer also claimed due to his workouts he burns off calories from the likes of sausage rolls “pretty quick” due to amount of energy he uses on stage at his music shows.

The actor’s grandad Tommy Douglas is famed for introducing a national healthcare system to Canada.

He shot to fame with his role as a gang leader in 1986 movie ‘Stand By Me’, with his parts in ‘The Lost Boys’ and ‘Young Guns’ establishing him as part of a 1980s “brat pack” of actors with Hollywood veterans as parents, including Emilio Estevez.