Kim Kardashian to produce and star in a documentary about Elizabeth Taylor: 'She paved the way!;

Kim Kardashian is to produce and star in a documentary series about Elizabeth Taylor.

The 43-year-old reality superstar is a big fan of the late film actress - who died in 2011 at the age of 79 - and is now working with BBC Arts on a project with the working title 'Elizabeth Taylor: Rebel Superstar' which will explore how the Hollywood legend came to be.

She said: "Elizabeth Taylor was unapologetically herself, a fighter. She is proof that you can keep evolving and changing and have different chapters in your life — and she paved the way for all of us who came after her with that blueprint."

The series will analyse Elizabeth's technique as an actress and will examine "how she reinvented the nature of fame, even as she smashed the glass ceiling in Hollywood, before going on to become a billion-dollar businesswoman, activist and advocate."

A synopsis for the series reads: "For too long the story of Elizabeth Taylor has been told as a soap opera. The eight marriages, the diamonds, the addictions. This series gives Elizabeth Taylor the significance she richly deserves, in all her incarnations: as an actor, rebel, business mogul, and activist — to reveal how Taylor created the blueprint for modern celebrity."

The series will feature interviews with 'The Kardashians' star herself - who was the last person to interview Elizabeth before her death - as well as other A-Listers who knew her, like her 'Cleopatra' co-star Dame Joan Collins and 'Meet Me In St. Louis' star Margaret O’Brien.

Alistair Pegg, commissioning editor at the BBC, said: “This exciting series promises a new understanding of Elizabeth Taylor — both her technique and power as an actor, and her capacity for reinventing herself.”