KKday launches its travel discovery platform in Thailand, targets millennial tourists


Currently, KKday offers over 6,000 travel experiences in over 54 countries worldwide

Taiwan-based online travel discovery platform KKday has announced it has officially expanded to Thailand.

As part of the launch, it has partnered popular Thai brands such as with DTAC Rewards, Eatigo, Tourkrub, Show DC (Lotte) and Nokscoot.

KKday’s goal is to help millennial travellers — many who are FITS (Free Independent Travellers) — in Thailand find and experience off-the-beaten-track and authentic local tour experiences not offered by traditional tour companies.

These customised travel experiences are crafted and curated by local travel experts who have deep insights into the country’s culture and heritage.

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Ming Chen, CEO of KKday, said that Thailand’s booming e-commerce space coupled with its visitor-friendly reputation made it attractive for KKday to plant a operation there.

At the same time, he hopes that Thais will use KKday to book travel experiences in its other markets including Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Launched in 2014, KKday is also available in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. It provides over 6,000 travel experiences from 53 countries and 174 cities across the globe, including the Americas and Europe.

Previously, KKday raised a total of US$11.5 million in funding from Monk’s Hill Ventures, AppWorks, Mindworks Ventures, Cathay Venture, Substance Capital (HK) and 91Capital.

Image Credit: KKday

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