Knicks & Nuggets take 2-0 leads while 76ers & Lakers complain about officiating | Devine Intervention

On this episode of Devine Intervention, Dan Devine is joined by Seerat Sohi from The Ringer to break down some of their favorite stories coming out of the first handful of games in the NBA Playoffs.

When discussing what brings her joy from the world of basketball, Seerat mentions the New York Knicks “Nova Boys” (Jalen Brunson, Josh Hart & Donte DiVincenzo). Not only are they great on the court together, their public appearances and press conferences are hilarious, including last night’s after their win over the Philadelphia 76ers.

Using the typical cliché of “He’s got that dog in him”, Dan and Seerat talk about how great Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves and Jalen Williams of the Oklahoma City Thunder have been despite both of them being so young and inexperienced.

Both the Sixers and the Los Angeles Lakers were loudly critical of the officiating in their losses on Monday night, and Seerat says that the 76ers actually do have some valid complaints while the Lakers seem to be focusing on everything but the huge lead they gave away to the Denver Nuggets in the 2nd half.

When asked which team that has had early success still hasn’t earned belief in them, Dan digs into some of the concerning underlying numbers of the Cleveland Cavaliers, who are still soundly beating the Orlando Magic every chance they get. Meanwhile, Seerat explains that she doesn’t really believe in the Milwaukee Bucks and doesn’t see how a team with such a tumultuous season can right the ship in the playoffs.

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