Know Your Gamer: Christian ‘Rafflesia’ Fajura

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Christian 'Rafflesia' Fajura
Christian 'Rafflesia' Fajura

Hi, I am Christian Fajura, also known as “Rafflesia”. I’m the team captain of Aura Philippines’ Mobile Legends professional team. I like playing basketball, relaxing on the beach, and I can make poems, rhymes or even rap.

On how he got his start...

I used to just play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) a lot and trained hard to be recognized -- that is when Mitch (the manager of Aura PH) discovered me and saw my potential.

On his most memorable esports moment...

That came in the Mobile Legends Professional League (MPL) season 4 game 4.

That’s one of the games I will never forget in my entire gaming career. So much hype and competition, it is really one for the books.

On his favourite and wanted gear...

As the game I’m playing for is on mobile, I am just used to having a phone dedicated for gaming (in this case, an iPhone 11)

I don't really need any gaming gear aside from a phone where I can play Mobile Legends flawlessly. It’s kinda hard to beat the performance of the one I have now [Apple], so probably just a higher model of the same brand would be nice.

On his industry idol...

In the MLBB community, I don’t have one. I look up to [Singapore pro] iceiceice though - he’s a Dota 2 professional gamer from Evil Geniuses.

Did you know...

Before I got into playing MLBB, I played a lot of computer games. I liked to scroll on Facebook and read a lot of trivia and facts.

One time, I stumbled upon the trivia about a flower called Rafflesia Arnoldii. But since MLBB has a character restriction [20 character limit], I couldn’t register the whole name. Which is why I removed the second word “Arnoldii” and used Rafflesia [as his nickname] instead.

[Editor’s note: The Rafflesia Arnoldi is the largest single flower in the world, and is native to the Southeast Asian regions of Borneo and Sumatra.]

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