Kremlin praises US-Russia 'exemplary cooperation' on terror fight

US President Donald Trump (left) chats with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in the Vietnamese city of Danang on November 11, 2017

The Kremlin on Monday praised the "exemplary cooperation" between US and Russian security services after the CIA helped thwart a terror attack on a landmark Orthodox cathedral in Saint Petersburg. In a phone call with US President Donald Trump on Sunday, Kremlin strongman Vladimir Putin expressed his gratitude for intelligence which allowed Russia's FSB security service to prevent attacks on the Kazan Cathedral, one of the best known symbols of Saint Petersburg, and other places. Russia's FSB security service said last week it had arrested seven members of the Islamic State group who had been planning terror attacks in crowded areas of Russia's former Imperial capital. Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov praised on Monday the case of "exemplary cooperation" between the security services of the two countries in the fight against terror. "There are certain sporadic contacts between our security services but in this particular instance this (was) rather useful information that helped save a lot of lives," he told reporters. "And certainly it cannot but cause satisfaction and gratitude," Peskov added. "These are the standards we should aspire to so that they determine the future course." Putin has pledged that Russian security services would pass on any information received about terrorist threats to the United States. It was the second time in a week that the Russian and US leaders have exchanged praise over the phone. Bilateral ties have been in the doldrums for years, over Moscow's meddling in Ukraine, Western sanctions over Russia, and more recently allegations of collusion between Russia and members of Trump's election campaign.