Kristen Doute: I still want to have a baby

Kristen Doute is ready to start trying to have a baby again.

The 41-year-old TV star suffered a miscarriage late last year, but Kristen and her boyfriend Luke Broderick are now ready to try for a baby.

The 'Valley' star - who suffered a miscarriage at six weeks - told PEOPLE: "I mean, that does give us hope.

"I think it's not a false sense of hope. We, at that point, had only been trying for a couple of months and we were fortunate enough.

"So we're just back on the train trying and fingers crossed. We're doing right every month exactly how we should be doing it. So yeah, we're just hopeful."

Kristen previously admitted that she didn't know the cause of her miscarriage.

Despite this, the reality TV star and Luke have tried to retain a positive outlook.

She said on 'Sex, Love, and What Else Matters with Kristen Doute': "The only silver lining, the fact that we've now been digesting this for the last four or five days, is that I know once Luke and I are past this, we can try again.

"And we were very lucky and very fortunate that we got pregnant so quickly. We were so so lucky because it could have gone a different way for me at my age."

Kristen subsequently explained that she remains "very hopeful" of having a baby one day.

The TV star - who is best known for her appearances on 'Vanderpump Rules' - said: "It was just a really unfortunate thing that happened to us. And I know that we can try fairly soon. And I think that we're very hopeful to have a very healthy pregnancy the next time around."