Kristen Stewart totally in love with Dylan Meyer

Kristen Stewart and fiancée Dylan Meyer are completely in love.

The 33-year-old actress and her 33-year-old screenwriter and actress partner first met on a movie set in 2013, and began dating after reconnecting in 2019 and they are making plans for their future.

A source told PEOPLE: "She has been happy in her committed relationship and engaged for quite some time.

"She loves being at home doing domestic things. Kids are a natural progression for her. She is young and has plenty of time to plan for this.

"She is a ball of fire, and a lot of fun besides being outspoken and amazingly talented."

Meanwhile, although Kristen can't wait to become a mother, she recently admitted she is "scared" of childbirth.

The couple, according to Rolling Stone, have "discussed the possibility of carrying each other’s embryos."

Of the couple's baby plans, Kristen told the magazine: “I don’t know what my family’s going to look like, but there’s no way that I don’t start acquiring kids. And also, ideally at some point soon I go, ‘I want to have a kid.’ I really want that to happen.”

The 'Spencer' star has no fears about being pregnant, but even just the thought of giving birth petrifies her, with Kristen comparing it to being on a major trip.

She said: “I’m not scared of being pregnant. I’m not scared of having a kid. But I’m so scared of childbirth, it’s crazy. Have you ever been too on drugs where you’ve suddenly needed to be on your hands and knees? I hate that. I mean, I smoke a lot of weed - I obviously self-medicate—but I don’t like hard drugs. And I’ve tried—a lot. I just can’t deal.”

As for the pair's wedding, they don't see themselves having a "big" ceremony.

Kristen said: “We’re probably just going to do it soon. We just are busy trying to make movies because they’re our babies.”