KT Tunstall worries about AI influence

KT Tunstall fears the influence of AI credit:Bang Showbiz
KT Tunstall fears the influence of AI credit:Bang Showbiz

KT Tunstall feels concerned by the rise of AI technology.

The 48-year-old singer fears the potential influence of AI in the music industry - but KT also trusts that humans can still recognise heartfelt music when they hear it.

The 'Suddenly I See' hitmaker told Sky News: "If you look at all the songs that have stayed in popular culture from the '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, there were tonnes of songs coming out then as well that haven't been remembered, but the ones that we all still sing at karaoke, the ones we still play, are the ones that are lived, real, authentic experiences by the writers. And that emotion comes through.

"We recognise as a fellow human being that they're talking about something we've gone through and something we understand. And a robot's never going to do that."

Similarly, Kings of Leon star Caleb Followill recently admitted that he feels "scared" of AI technology.

The 42-year-old star confessed to feeling a "little nervous" about AI's ever-increasing influence on the music industry - although Caleb joked that he's "kind of an old man".

The musician told Sky News: "I am scared of it though, I think, maybe, a little bit.

"I've seen some stuff that makes me a little nervous."

Caleb also feels that AI isn't needed in order to recreate the Kings of Leon sound.

Caleb - who co-founded the band more than 20 years ago - explained: "As far as music, it doesn't take AI to sound like us, my god.

"We're still learning how to play, so our skill level is still very much achievable by just human beings. It's not going to take aliens or artificial intelligence."