Late KTLA Broadcaster Sam Rubin’s Son Shares Letter He Wrote to His Dad: ‘You’ll Never Pick Me Up From School Again’ | Video

Colby Rubin, son of the late KTLA entertainment reporter Sam Rubin, read a letter to his father during a Monday appearance on KTLA. The beloved interviewer had been with the Los Angeles channel for more than 30 years when he died suddenly of a heart attack on Friday, May 10 at the age 0f 64.

His son sat in his dad’s chair on the KTLA set and teared up as he read the letter, as did hosts Jessica Holmes, Mark Kriski, Frank Buckley and Dayna Devon. Colby said he’s been overwhelmed by the response to his father’s death.

“The outpour has been tremendous. People I didn’t even know have been reaching out,” Colby explained.

“Hi, Dad. I wrote this under the desk in your cubicle where you used to catch me sleeping,” the son shared in his letter. “Only you weren’t there when waking up this time. Dad, I can’t believe you’re going to never pick me up from school again. We’ll never get to go biking. I will never argue about food. You won’t be in my wedding.”

He added, “You were the kindest soul, you were the light in every row. I can’t imagine my life without you. You were part of my everything.”

Colby recalled how his dad was there for him when he needed a kayaking partner on a Boy Scout trip. He shared a text exchange from after he received negative feedback for a performance in his school play. His father wrote, “Ignore the noise. You will get bad reviews for every show,” closing with, “You have excellent genes. You have every gift. Respect your own talent.”

“I am completely who I am because of you,” Colby added. “You were always smiling and laughing, and you were everything good in the world… You instilled within me a moral compass and values that I hold myself to throughout my life.”

After reading the letter, Colby brought out cupcakes for everyone — just like his father used to do.

Devon, who had to wipe away tears, reached out to hug him, saying, “I think all of us that are parents can say that is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard. And I love your cupcake. Like Chris Schauble said earlier on the 6 o’clock news, we are here for you guys as a family. We have got you. We’ve got your back.”

Mark Kriski told Colby, “You’ve got a lot of uncles and aunts here. Forever.”

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