Kylie Kelce Ditches Chiefs Gear for Another Meaningful Red Top to Support Brother-in-Law Travis Kelce

The wife of Jason Kelce rooted for the Chiefs in a University of Cincinnati shirt

Keleigh Teller/Instagram
Keleigh Teller/Instagram

Kylie Kelce rocked the most fitting color to the Chiefs-Ravens game.

On Sunday, the wife of Jason Kelce, 36, wore a red long-sleeve University of Cincinnati shirt to support her brother-in-law Travis Kelce, 34, and the Kansas City Chiefs as they battled the Baltimore Ravens for the AFC Championship.

Kylie, 31, was spotted inside Maryland’s M&T Bank Stadium by a fellow attendee wearing the red Under Armour top and a black bag hanging on her right shoulder — with a tiny hand sanitizer bottle clipped onto the bag’s strap. She topped her look with a black puffer coat.

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A picture captured Kylie wearing the red University of Cincinnati shirt with Keleigh Sperry in the suite together rooting for the Chiefs. Sperry posted the photo on her Instagram Story, and Kylie reshared it to her own. Sperry also shared another photo with Kylie that showed her posing with a group of women including Taylor Swift.

Kylie's red sweatshirt may have been spot-on color-wise, but it was also on par with the diehard Eagles fan not actually wearing Chiefs gear to support Travis' team. She may not be willing to wear the Kansas City logo — thanks to her allegiance to her husband's team — but she still will wear sentimental pieces, though. Both Kelce brothers attended the University of Cincinnati, making her shirt at Sunday night's game a sweet nod to where Travis (and Jason) came from.

When Kylie attended last week's game, she did much the same. She wore a Chiefs-red shirt, but it was actually a branded shirt for the Kelce brothers' podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce.

<p>Kylie Kelce/Instagram</p> Kylie Kelce reshares Keleigh Sperry's photo of them together at Chiefs-Ravens Game

Kylie Kelce/Instagram

Kylie Kelce reshares Keleigh Sperry's photo of them together at Chiefs-Ravens Game

Meanwhile, Jason wore a Chiefs-colored floral button-down over a “Big Yeti” shirt and a Chiefs beanie, instead of sporting a shirtless look like he did on Jan. 21 at the Chiefs-Bills game.

Last week, she and Jason traveled to upstate New York for Travis' matchup against the Buffalo Bills, where her husband went viral for ripping his shirt off and jumping into a crowd of Bills fans.

The appearance marked the first time Kylie and Swift attended an NFL game together since Swift and Kelce went public with their relationship in September.

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On Wednesday’s episode of New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, when the brothers debriefed the Jan. 21 playoff game, Jason explained how his wife wasn’t quite as thrilled with the shirtless show he put on.

“I don't think she was happy about it, to be honest with you,” he admitted after Travis said he wanted to see more of his sister-in-law’s reaction to the scene “so bad.”

“There was not enough cameras on the suite where you can see Kylie,” Travis added.

Jason did share, though, that Kylie, with whom he shares three daughters, was warned ahead of time about the plan.

“I'm not going to lie, I gave Kylie a heads-up. The moment we get into the suite I said, ‘I'm taking my shirt off and jumping out of that suite.’ And she said, ‘Jason don't you dare,’ ” the Philadelphia Eagles center recalled, adding that he was “not asking for permission.”

“Once a Kelce man’s determined, there’s no f------ stopping him,” Travis agreed.

<p>Al Bello/Getty </p> Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce at the Chiefs-Bills game

Al Bello/Getty

Taylor Swift and Kylie Kelce at the Chiefs-Bills game

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Kylie was “already telling me to be on my best behavior 'cause we were meeting Taylor,” Jason continued, before referring to their first date — when he fell asleep at the bar and his friends had to carry him home — to defend his choice of actions.

“I was like, ‘Kylie, when I met you, the first day I met you I was black-out drunk and fell asleep at the bar. This is part of the charm. This is part of the Jason Kelce charm,’ ” he said.

Travis said it was “a moment that I’ll never forget.”

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