HUR chief Budanov highlights foreign volunteers’ role in Kyiv Oblast liberation

Military of the International Legion of the HUR
Military of the International Legion of the HUR

International Legion fighters played their biggest role during the liberation of Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine’s spy chief Kyrylo Budanov said in the Defense Intelligence (HUR) documentary "Legions of Light" released on YouTube on June 8.

"We had to look for a solution," said Budanov.

“This configuration was a quick solution. Almost from the first weeks of the war, we started accepting volunteers from all over the world.”

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The idea of the International Legion was implemented within the HUR structure, thanks to the large number of employees who speak foreign languages.

The foreign volunteers met all expectations, according to Budanov.

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"Their greatest role was during the battles for Kyiv Oblast when every soldier counted. The additional forces of foreigners that we formed just in time began their combat journey immediately in Irpin," Budanov said.

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Volunteers from more than 50 countries serve in the International Legion.

Among the soldiers are veterans of special operations forces and other military units from the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Denmark, other European countries, Asia, Africa, and South America, according to Ukrainian military intelligence.

The International Legion has taken part in battles in all major conflict areas: the defense of Kyiv, and in Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, and Donetsk oblasts, HUR said.

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